Common Eye Injuries

Common Eye Injuries & Treatment

As frail and sensitive as our eyes are, it is surprising that we do not injure our eyes more often. At Advanced Eyecare Specialists in Falmouth, MA, our optometrist deals with eye injuries on a regular basis. Some are minor, although any injury to the eye rarely feels minor. Some are moderate, requiring some intervention, and possibly surgery. Others are severe, leading to a long term injury, permanent vision loss, infection, and worse.

Eye Injuries

Eye Injuries

Some of the most common eye injuries we deal with include:

  • Bleeding (eye hemorrhages)
  • Bruising (black eye)
  • Caustic substances in the eye
  • Chemical burn
  • Infection
  • Inflammation
  • Nail in the eye
  • Penetrating objects
  • Punctured eyeball
  • Scratch on the eye
  • Scratched white part of the eye
  • Sclera abrasion
  • Swelling
  • Trauma

Even seemingly minor events can cause serious damage to the eye. One of the worst examples we are all too keenly aware of is the damage that a small piece of glitter can do if it becomes stuck in the eye. These tiny, and seemingly harmless particles, can penetrate the surface of the eye, cause scratches to the eye and the eye socket, and even cause harm to the optic nerve.

Common Symptoms of an Eye Injury

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may have sustained a serious eye injury and should seek the help of an optometry professional as soon as possible:

  • Blood in or around the eyeball
  • Changes in the shape of the pupil or the iris
  • Eye pain
  • Blurred, distorted, of diminished vision
  • Pain when moving the eye

Great care should be taken if you experience any of the above symptoms. If the event or injury involved exposure to chemicals, usually the best first move is to proceed to an eyewash station and to wash the eyes thoroughly. If the injury is caused by penetration, washing the eye may cause more damage. Worse still, if the affected person does not feel pain when he or she clearly should, immediate medical help should be sought.

Eye Injury Treatment in Falmouth, MA

To learn more about treatment for an eye injury, and to schedule an appointment for a consultation, get in touch with Advanced Eyecare Specialists in Falmouth today at (508) 444-8691. When it comes to your vision, don’t take any chances, call us today.

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