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Contact Lenses and Eye Exams

Are you tired of wearing eyeglasses? Do you find them uncomfortable and difficult to use? You might be ready to try contact lenses. An eye exam is your first step toward getting the vision you want. Advanced Eyecare Specialists can help you book a contact lens evaluation appointment. If you have been searching for an "eye care specialist in the area”, Dr Timothy Sajban in Falmouth may be able to help.


You Have Many Prescription Lenses to Choose from

Today, contact lenses come in many types. You can choose disposable daily-wear lenses, extended-wear lenses, and Specialty-Fit that help you wear contact lenses, comfortably and for your particular needs. There are contact lenses for people of all ages and vision problems, including astigmatism, bifocal wearers, and corneal conditions like keratoconus.

In the past, people who lived with conditions like allergies, eye infections, and dry eye were unable to wear contact lenses. Now, specialty lenses can help most people wear the contact lenses they need to see clearly and comfortably.

Contact Lens Exam

The first part of a contact lens exam includes a comprehensive eye exam. Our eye doctor will take a look at the structure of your eye to ensure that you have no health issues that first need to be treated. Additionally, the doctor will look at your cornea to make sure that you are a good candidate for contact lenses.

Next, Dr Sajban will determine what kinds of lenses are right for you. A fitting will follow. You will be trained on proper insertion, removal and care techniques to wear the contacts and determine if they are a comfortable fit. The doctor will make sure that your eyes are adjusting to the lenses properly. If you've worn contacts before, you will be re-evaluated for any updated prescription or new brands that may enhance your vision & comfort.

You may also come in for follow-up visits as needed to evaluate your lenses. This may occur about two weeks after you receive the lenses. The appointment ensures that the lenses fit comfortably and they continue to be a good option for your eyes and your vision prescription.

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At Advanced Eyecare Specialists, we provide you with an experienced eye doctor in Falmouth. If you have been trying to find a contact lens specialist who can help you get the best contact lenses for your eyes, we can help. Call (508) 444-8691 to make an appointment today.

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