Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a serious eye condition that affects around 20 million people in the United States. Not only that, but it does not get better on its own and the sooner that treatment beings, the higher the chances of preserving your vision. At Advanced Eyecare Specialists in Falmouth, MA, we provide comprehensive eye exams to detect macular degeneration early and offer treatment to reduce vision loss.

Macular Degeneration

Understanding Macular Degeneration

The macula is a part of the eye that helps to enable vision. It’s located inside the back of the eye and is made up of nerve tissue that contain light sensors. The term macular degeneration refers to the breakdown of this delicate tissue. Along with that, macular degeneration is one of the most common causes of vision loss in people who are 60 years of age and older.

Causes of Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration can occur due to a variety of causes. Some of these causes include the following:


The risk of developing macular degeneration increases with each year of age, which is why this condition is most often seen in the older population.


Those with a family history of macular degeneration have a higher risk factor of developing macular degeneration.


Smoking makes a person more susceptible to a variety of health problems, including macular degeneration. Not only that, but smoking also significantly reduces the body’s ability to repair itself and make its more susceptible to a lower immune system and diseases.

Poor Diet

A diet high in saturated fats and low in vitamins or minerals raises the risk for macular degeneration.

Underlying Conditions

Conditions like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and obesity can contribute to macular degeneration over time.

Types of Macular Degeneration

There are two types of macular degeneration: wet and dry. These two types are differentiated by the symptoms they produce and their progression.

Wet Macular Degeneration

Wet macular degeneration occurs when the blood vessels in the retina begin to leak fluid, especially blood. You may experience visual distortions like dark spots in your field of vision and need brighter lighting for close-up tasks.

Dry Macular Degeneration

Dry macular degeneration happens when drusen deposits form in the macula. These yellow deposits increase in number and can eventually lead to blindness.

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