Soft Contact Lenses

If you are a contact lens wearer or you want to find out more about wearing them you can trust the experts at Advanced Eyecare Specialists in Falmouth, MA. Dr. Sajban specializes in contact lens exams and fittings that provide the perfect vision solution for his patients.


Contact Lens Exams

Contact lens examinations take regular eye exams a step further. Our optometrist will begin with a comprehensive eye exam that evaluates the health of your eyes by evaluating things like fluid pressure and checking for early signs of glaucoma or other eye diseases. The comprehensive eye exam is also used to determine what level of vision correction is needed.

Once our optometrist determines your prescription you will be ready for a contact lens fitting. During this portion of the exam, our eye doctor will measure the surface of your eye and determine if you make an adequate amount of tears to cushion the contact lenses. Our doctor will also recommend the type of contact lenses that will work best for you.

Types of Contact Lenses

The most commonly prescribed contacts are soft contact lenses. These lenses are thin and are considered one of the most comfortable options. Soft contact lenses are available in daily wear styles that are thrown away at the end of the day. There are also some types of soft contacts that are replaced on a regular schedule, often every week.

Soft contacts are also available as toric lenses. These contacts are weighted at one end to provide a better fit for eyes with astigmatism or misshapen corneas. Our optometrist will focus on eye health, vision correction, and the best contact lens fit for your eyes.

For some patients gas permeable, also known as rigid gas permeable lenses, are a better option. Gas permeable contacts are made of a harder material than standard soft contact lenses. They are also smaller and take up less space on the eye. Gas permeable lenses allow more oxygen to get to the eye than soft contact lenses. Gas permeable contacts move every time the wearer blinks which allows tears to get underneath them. These lenses take a little bit longer to get used to than soft contacts because at first, the patient is more aware that a lens is in the eye.

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